Web Design/Development


MCL – Attorneys at Law The Objective​ This UX case study focuses on enhancing the user experience for MCL’s attorney group website. Through meticulous research, competitor analysis, and client consultations, we identified key pain points and user needs. Our approach involved creating intuitive navigation, optimizing information architecture, and integrating a user-friendly interface. A crucial aspect […]

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Zenviro – Environmental Technology Solutions Company The Objective​ Revitalize Zenviro’s online identity by transforming its existing website into a dynamic online hub through a customized, lightweight WordPress platform. Our core objective is to design a user-friendly and visually compelling website, leveraging cutting-edge technology to seamlessly showcase Zenviro’s products. Our overarching goal is to position Zenviro

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Durham – Business Coach The Objective​ The objective is to create a simple and minimal Durham website focused on serving as a blog for the client, while also providing information for new users interested in team management and professional development training. The website should prioritize minimal design and minimize the usage of plugins for optimal

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JMS – Digital Marketing Company The Objective​ The objective is to create a visually stunning, user-friendly, and responsive website that effectively showcases the company’s diverse range of services tailored for B2B clients. The website should serve as a dynamic platform, highlighting JMS’s expertise in graphic designing, web development, ad management, digital media, strategies, and event

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Pioneer Center

Pioneer Center – Human Services The Objective​ Embark on a transformative digital journey with the upcoming Pioneer Center for Human Services website, meticulously designed for maximum social impact. This cutting-edge, custom-coded platform embraces responsiveness, ensuring seamless access for users while prioritizing the unique needs of individuals facing developmental disabilities. Upholding the organization’s commitment to accessibility,

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Horizons The Objective​ The objective is to revamp the Horizons website with a clean, minimal design that prioritizes user-friendliness and effectively communicates our mission to the blind and visually impaired community. We aim to streamline content presentation, emphasizing the business side of our transcription services, which include both secured and non-secured transcriptions from English to

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Shadetree – Vegetation Managment Industry The Objective​ The objective of the Shadetree project is to deliver a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing website within a one-week timeframe, meeting the client’s specifications. The website will consist of five pages, featuring a clean and minimal design that is fully responsive. Additionally, the site will incorporate a customizable

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Intren West

Intren West – Utility Industry The Objective​ The objective was to quickly create a website for INTREN WEST that closely mirrored their main website in terms of style, colors, and structure. Despite time constraints preventing a traditional design process, the goal was to deliver a visually consistent and professional website within a week using WordPress,

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Blue Star – Armed Forces Industry The Objective​ Develop a comprehensive website to showcase the history and significance of the Blue Star program, highlighting honors and leadership involved. The website will provide easy access to sponsorship and nomination forms, feature an inquiry form, and offer an FAQ section. Additionally, it will prominently display all sponsors

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SCL – Laboratory Testing Industry The Objective​ Our objective is to develop a clean and intuitive website for SCL that effectively showcases their comprehensive range of services. The website will feature easy access to all pages, including laboratory testing, environmental services, safety and health offerings, training programs, news, resources, and contact information. We will prioritize

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