SCL - Laboratory Testing Industry

The Objective​

Our objective is to develop a clean and intuitive website for SCL that effectively showcases their comprehensive range of services. The website will feature easy access to all pages, including laboratory testing, environmental services, safety and health offerings, training programs, news, resources, and contact information. We will prioritize user-friendly navigation and incorporate inquiry forms throughout the site to facilitate client communication. Additionally, we will implement an easy-to-use dashboard for SCL to make content changes effortlessly and showcase their certifications prominently, reaffirming their expertise and credibility in the industry.

The Work

Our approach to building the website for SCL involved utilizing Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), custom HTML, and the WordPress platform. By integrating ACF, we tailored the site’s layout to suit SCL’s specific requirements, ensuring flexibility in content presentation. WordPress served as the foundation, offering a user-friendly interface for easy content management and scalability. Additionally, we incorporated a sidebar feature to enhance navigation, allowing users seamless access to various pages and services. To streamline client communication, we integrated Gravity Forms, enabling effortless submission of inquiries and requests. Our goal is to deliver a dynamic website that not only showcases SCL’s services effectively but also provides a smooth and engaging user experience. Through meticulous customization and integration, we aim to meet SCL’s objectives and exceed expectations for their online presence.

Tools & Tehnology

Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Balsamiq Mockups

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

The Outcome

Through our website development project for SCL, we successfully created a highly functional and visually captivating online platform. The customized design, responsive layout, and intuitive navigation, including the incorporation of a sidebar menu, ensure that users can effortlessly explore the website and access relevant information about SCL’s services. By leveraging WordPress as the content management system, we provided SCL with an easy-to-use dashboard for efficient content management, empowering them to make updates and additions with ease. The integration of Gravity Forms streamlined the inquiry process, facilitating seamless communication between SCL and their clients. Overall, the outcome of our efforts is a compelling website that effectively showcases SCL’s expertise, strengthens their brand visibility, and enhances user engagement, positioning them for continued success in the chemical laboratory industry.