Plaspros - Plastics Industry

The Objective​

Revamp Plaspros into a dynamic online hub with a custom-designed, lightweight WordPress platform. We’re focused on crafting a user-friendly and visually appealing website, utilizing cutting-edge tech to showcase products seamlessly. The goal is to establish PlasPros as a digital leader, exceeding audience expectations and fostering lasting connections. Our approach aligns with the client’s preference for a custom, editable site with minimal plugin usage, ensuring a tailored and efficient online presence

The Work

Website Transformation: Overhaul Plaspros with a new website design adhering to a modern style guide, ensuring a visually cohesive and contemporary online presence.

Digital Product Elaboration: Enhance the representation of products and services through the integration of detailed 3D modules, providing an immersive and engaging digital experience for visitors.

Online Lead Generation and Visibility: Implement strategies to generate online leads, improve website analytics, and elevate social media presence, strategically positioning Plaspros as an industry leader and fostering increased engagement with the target audience.

Tools & Tehnology

Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Balsamiq Mockups
Adobe XD

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Developing a website involves navigating through numerous challenges. Accurately understanding and documenting client requirements, coupled with the need to adapt to frequent changes, poses initial hurdles. Technical challenges emerge in the form of ensuring cross-browser compatibility, optimizing performance, and integrating third-party APIs seamlessly. Security concerns demand the implementation of robust measures to safeguard against potential threats. Responsive design and effective content management add complexity, while comprehensive testing and bug resolution are crucial for a smooth user experience. Managing project timelines, adhering to budgets, and staying compliant with regulations further contribute to the intricate web development landscape.

Elevate Plaspros with a harmonious blend of striking visual elements and understated elegance. Introducing captivating hover animations for their turnkey services, we’ve crafted an immersive experience that not only catches the eye but also maintains a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The goal is to seamlessly fuse eye-popping animations with a clean design, ensuring that Plaspros stands out visually while delivering a sophisticated and memorable user experience.

The Outcome

I successfully implemented intuitive hover animations using custom SVG animations, ensuring clean and lightweight JavaScript and jQuery coding. The focus on website responsiveness presented a challenge, requiring meticulous attention to detail to guarantee flawless presentation across various screen sizes. The Plaspros project was not only enjoyable but also distinctive, representing a special collaboration with discerning clients. The commitment to delivering a seamless user experience through thoughtful animation design and responsive layouts underscores our dedication to excellence in web development. The outcome is a visually captivating website that seamlessly adapts to different devices, providing an engaging and user-friendly experience that aligns precisely with the client’s vision.

Furthermore, we’ve built a user-friendly WordPress dashboard with advanced custom fields, granting the client easy access for edits. We’ve ensured high accessibility, limiting the website to just three plugins, and relying on a custom codebase using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS for optimal performance.