BEC- Electrical Contractors

The Objective​

Revitalize Benson Electrical Contracting’s identity under fresh leadership, crafting a narrative that mirrors its innovative vision while upholding unwavering trust within both the local community and the broader industry. Bring the essence of transformation to life as Benson forges a path into the future, seamlessly blending novelty with a steadfast commitment to the core values that have anchored them in the hearts of their community and the respect of the industry.

The Work

Our goal is to give Benson Electrical a fresh look online. We’ll start by updating their logo with vibrant colors and modern typography. Then, we’ll create a user-friendly website using custom coding in WordPress, keeping it light on plugins for easy maintenance. Alongside this, we’ll design a branding kit for their business cards and truck stickers. Finally, we’ll set up a simple dashboard so Benson Electrical can easily manage their website content. Our aim is to help them showcase their 30 years of experience and become even more prominent in the Chicago Northwest Suburban market.

Furthermore, we’ll ensure that the new logo and website reflect Benson Electrical’s reputation as a trusted contractor for prominent businesses since 1984. By focusing on clean design and functionality, we aim to enhance their online presence and streamline their communication with clients.

Tools & Tehnology

Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Balsamiq Mockups

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Brand Strategy

  • Reestablish Benson Electrical Contracting’s position in the market
  • Showcase new leadership while highlighting the company’s longstanding reputation
  • Align brand strategy with the values and goals of the community and industry

Initially known as BEC, Benson Electrical Contracting faced an issue with branding, as their initials closely resembled those of surrounding competitors. To address this, our strategy aimed to provide a clearer representation of the company’s services at a glance. We extended the brand name from BEC to Benson Electrical Contracting, with a shortened reference to “Benson.” While staying true to the company’s origins, we incorporated a distinctive element into the logo by transforming the ‘O’ into a recognizable symbol, symbolizing the wiring aspect of their previous “BEC” identity.

A new website was crafted for Benson Electrical Contracting to complement its robust visual identity. The primary goal was to efficiently showcase the company’s services in a straightforward manner, with a particular emphasis on facilitating Bid Requests for customer convenience. The design prioritizes a seamless and quick user experience, aligning with the overall objectives of the rebranding efforts.

The Outcome

The rebranding efforts yielded a distinct and compelling presence for Benson Electrical Contracting, setting them apart from competitors through a straightforward and unique approach. The combination of a user-friendly website, a compelling visual identity, and strategic digital promotion on platforms such as social media and Google ads has successfully positioned Benson as a standout player in the market. This comprehensive approach not only effectively promotes their services but also contributes to acquiring new business opportunities.