JMS - Digital Marketing Company

The Objective​

The objective is to create a visually stunning, user-friendly, and responsive website that effectively showcases the company’s diverse range of services tailored for B2B clients. The website should serve as a dynamic platform, highlighting JMS’s expertise in graphic designing, web development, ad management, digital media, strategies, and event marketing. The key focus is to ensure an interactive and accessible online presence, allowing potential clients to easily explore the portfolio, understand the depth of services offered, and seamlessly engage with the content. By achieving these goals, the website will contribute significantly to enhancing JMS’s brand image and attracting prospective B2B partners.

The Work

As the Lead Designer/Developer for the JMS team, my mission is to spearhead the creation of a cutting-edge website that not only celebrates the 30-year milestone of JMS’s success but also positions the company as a leader in digital marketing solutions. The redesigned site will feature a visually striking and responsive design, integrating interactive elements to engage visitors and highlight JMS’s diverse services, including web design and development, digital marketing, strategic planning, and event marketing for B2B clients. Emphasizing a minimal plugin approach, the website will be built from scratch, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility. With a dedicated section commemorating the company’s legacy and renowned status in Illinois, the project aims to amplify JMS’s online presence, attracting attention and inquiries from a broad audience seeking comprehensive and innovative digital marketing solutions.

Tools & Tehnology

Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Balsamiq Mockups
Adobe XD

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

The logo has undergone a transformative revamp, transitioning from a lengthy text design to a clean, modern, and minimalistic style. The wording on the logo now reads “marketing” instead of “consultations,” aligning with JMS’s core services. In honor of the 30th anniversary, the new logo features a celebratory ribbon to symbolize the milestone. To maintain brand recognition, the original JMS logo is positioned at the center, ensuring clarity and preventing any potential confusion among audiences. This updated design reflects a contemporary and streamlined aesthetic while effectively communicating JMS’s evolution and commitment to excellence over the past three decades.

Elevating digital experiences through the artful integration of custom-coded SVG graphics, I have dedicated my expertise to crafting visually captivating elements across diverse domains. From the dynamic landscapes of Digital Marketing to the precision of Branding, the intricacies of Web Development, the foresight in Strategic Development, and the immersive realms of Tradeshows and Event Management, each project reflects a tailored approach. These SVGs, meticulously handcrafted and animated, not only convey information but also serve as a testament to the seamless fusion of technology and creativity. By weaving together innovation and design, I strive to elevate digital interactions, ensuring that each visual element contributes to a compelling narrative and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Digital Marketing

Graphic Designing & Branding

Website Development

Tradeshows & Event Management

Strategic Development

Introducing a dynamic and space-efficient visual solution, I’ve crafted a pinwheel featuring six icons, each symbolizing a key facet of our comprehensive services. For instance, within the Strategic Development service, we’ve distilled our expertise into six focal points: Market-Driven, Successful History, Experienced Skillset, Budget-Conscious, Visionary Solutions, and Results-Oriented. This innovative pinwheel dynamically rotates through these icons, seamlessly revealing relevant content for each section. This design not only optimizes space on the page but also grabs visual attention, offering a streamlined and engaging approach to convey the depth and breadth of our strategic development services. It’s a visual journey that efficiently communicates our multifaceted capabilities without overwhelming the audience with excessive information.

The Outcome

The JMS project culminated in a striking digital transformation that propelled the company’s online presence into a new era. Through a meticulous website redesign, we successfully celebrated JMS’s 30-year legacy with a clean, modern, and minimalistic logo that exuded sophistication. The revamped site seamlessly integrated dynamic SVG graphics, showcasing JMS’s expertise in Digital Marketing, Branding, Web Development, Strategic Planning, Tradeshows, and Event Management. Notably, a visually captivating pinwheel mechanism efficiently conveyed the depth of services, ensuring an engaging user experience. The implementation of interactive elements, minimal plugin reliance, and a strong emphasis on responsiveness and accessibility further solidified the website’s functionality. The outcome reflects a harmonious blend of technology and creativity, positioning JMS as a leading force in the digital marketing industry while commemorating three decades of success.