Durham - Business Coach

The Objective​

The objective is to create a simple and minimal Durham website focused on serving as a blog for the client, while also providing information for new users interested in team management and professional development training. The website should prioritize minimal design and minimize the usage of plugins for optimal simplicity and functionality.

The Work

We initiated the brainstorming process to explore strategies for maximizing the potential of a website and blog. The project commenced with the development of a new layout featuring a prominent video at the top, accompanied by a mid-screen menu. Mockups were generated to illustrate screen designs and workflow, with adjustments made based on approval. The design phase is currently underway, and a contact section has been strategically placed at the top of the footer for consistent visibility throughout the website.

Additionally, we are integrating user-friendly navigation features to enhance accessibility and ease of use. As we progress, we are ensuring that the website and blog maintain a cohesive visual identity while prioritizing functionality and minimalism.

Tools & Tehnology

Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator

Balsamiq Mockups

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Recognizing the growing significance of blogging for websites, we devised a strategy to further engage our audience by launching a monthly email newsletter. Steve meticulously curates the most compelling stories each month, aiming to enrich our clients and subscribers with valuable insights while driving traffic to the website. Each email is meticulously designed to captivate interest and entice recipients to explore the website, ultimately fostering increased engagement, scheduling appointments, and cultivating new prospects. This approach not only enhances client interaction but also strategically amplifies conversion rates by leveraging the power of informative content and targeted communication.

The Outcome

Our collaborative efforts yielded a user-friendly website and blog, distinguished by a captivating layout and seamless navigation. With the introduction of a monthly email newsletter curated by Steve, we not only drove traffic to the site but also enhanced engagement, resulting in significant improvements in conversion rates. This integrated approach underscores our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that resonate with our audience and drive sustainable growth.