Intren West - Utility Industry

The Objective​

The objective was to quickly create a website for INTREN WEST that closely mirrored their main website in terms of style, colors, and structure. Despite time constraints preventing a traditional design process, the goal was to deliver a visually consistent and professional website within a week using WordPress, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), and direct HTML implementation. The focus was on maintaining brand cohesion and meeting client expectations while ensuring high standards of safety and quality were reflected in the website’s presentation.

The Work

We’re tasked with quickly creating a website for INTREN WEST that closely resembles their main site. Our goal: deliver a professional, cohesive platform within a week, using WordPress, ACF, and direct HTML. We’ll match design elements like layout, colors, and typography, ensuring it’s responsive for all devices. WordPress makes content management easy, while ACF lets us add custom features as needed. We’ll ensure the site meets industry standards for accessibility, security, and performance. Finally, we’ll provide thorough documentation and training for the client’s team to manage the site effectively.

Tools & Tehnology

Graphic Design:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

The Outcome

The outcome of the project was the successful delivery of the INTREN WEST website within the designated one-week timeframe, achieved without encountering any issues. The website was meticulously crafted to mirror the design, color scheme, and structure of the main website, ensuring a seamless brand identity. Through the utilization of WordPress, ACF, and direct HTML implementation, we created a fully functional online platform that met all client requirements. Furthermore, the website was developed with accessibility in mind, adhering to industry standards to ensure inclusivity for all users. Overall, the project culminated in the timely delivery of a high-quality, accessible website that exceeded client expectations.